Senior UI designer


Over a two year period, I worked as a freelancer for Tesco to help them create their new digital design language. An extensive and amazingly in-depth project, the new design language (DDL) helps designers and developers across the business to create websites and apps that are unified and recognisably Tesco. It is also integral to giving customers a consistent experience across Tesco’s apps, websites and emails. A really fantastic project to work on!

As part of the core team of five, I worked under the two heads of creative to help define and roll out design assets for all areas of Tesco's customer facing UI. From button and form language to email and promotions, every nuance of UI functionality had to be considered with rules defined. This was documented in the online 'DDL Toolkit' that was built by the team to allow easy access to the design language by both colleagues and external agencies.

Research was carried out accross the entirity of the existing customer facing Tesco estate to establish the full extent of the business and customer needs for each sprint. This enabled the design rules behind each part of the language to be fully validated and cover every eventuality.

At the end of the first release of DDL, I joined the App Team as Lead Designer to help integrate our new design system into the Android and iOS groceries apps. This gave us opportunity to start stress testing the design language and get it infront of customers for testing and make further improvements/additions where necessary.

We created the below poster to communicate the release of DDL to the business and to show the scale of what had been achieved.