Senior UI designer


Following on from working on their new digital design language, I was asked by Tesco to join their Technology team which focuses on in store customer facing products and colleague tools. Predominantly focusing on the self service checkout and their customer engagement centre(OneCEC), I was tasked with integrating our new design language into the products whilst enhancing functionality and solving various pain points.

On self service checkout, there were two main issues that we wanted to address. Firstly, research had shown that customers were experiencing difficulties with the existing button language and also with screen glare preventing them from interacting with the touch screens effectively. Secondly, the styling was not up to our new brand standards. Working with NCR, who create the checkout terminals and software, I designed new screens to meet our brand standards whilst also making sure we were tackling customer pain points. Build restrictions prevented us from changing the UX, so I focused on making enhancements to the existing user journeys.

The designs below show the existing checkout screens on the left and the our updated visuals on the right.



As part of the applying the new branding to our self service checkout process, I also created a Sketch pattern library. Using our online digital design language as a base, I created new rules for our UI that were optomised for arms length touch screens.

In addition to my work on self service checkout, I also worked on enhancing Tesco's customer engagement centre(oneCEC). This is an online tool that is used by Tesco colleagues to help with customer requests. Historically, Tesco agents have had to use many different tools and apps to cater for this. Ranging from things like changing address details to merging accounts to ordering a new Clubcard, there are many different services that an agent has to carry out.

The job of OneCEC is to combine all of this into one place where they can easily access all they need in an efficient way and help serve the customer more effectively.